About ESP

Enhanced Street Performance, established in 2002, offers all aspects of a full performance automotive shop including upgrades, repairs, and general maintenance.  When we started, our goals were simple.  We aimed to do what we love and do it with more integrity and skill than anyone else.  That’s what we’re still doing today.

Greg and I are both true car enthusiasts.  For us, it’s always been all about how to fix them and make them better. There is great satisfaction in adding horsepower, fine tuning for optimal power and safety, and improving handling and braking.  It’s equally rewarding to see the reactions of our customers after making these improvements.  While some shops seem to be in the business for the showboating, for us it’s about the cars and customers.  Our goal is to build bragging rights for our customers, not for our shop.  As a shop, we don’t aim to be flashy or glitzy; we just aim to do it right.


Our 20+ year success is built on honestly and integrity.  We encourage “smart” modifications that allow customers to get the most “bang for their buck.”  We take the time to talk about what the customer wants and work within various budgets to meet these goals.  We always weigh cost vs. results.  If an expensive part or tune is going to net minimal gains, we will be the first to say it’s not worth it.  We’re here to help you reach your goals and determine where your money is best spent. 

Of course, determining what’s best for customers and their vehicles requires extensive knowledge.  This starts at the top.  After finishing my degree in mechanical engineering, I developed fuel systems for Walbro Automotive, and then moved on work as a Project Manager before opening ESP.  This combination gave me valuable technical and operations knowledge.  Greg’s career as an automotive technician has included work at both independent repair shop and dealerships.  He has completed ASE certifications in wide range of areas.  Aside from being an exceptional mechanic, Greg has excellent mathematic and problem-solving abilities.  He has an unparalleled understanding of how things work.  He excels at intricate repairs and upgrades (e.g. replacing rear end gears, engine work, manual transmission work, and alignments). Combined, Greg and I bring years of unique experience and skilled expertise to our business.   

Greg and I have built a team based on two critical elements.  First, our technicians are skilled in a wide range of vehicles from domestic to import, from old to new.  We are able to offer our services to customers regardless of what type of vehicle they are currently driving or may drive in the future.  As our customers sell one toy and move on to another, we are able to continue to provide our services.   Additionally, customers appreciate that they can bring us the other cars in their driveway as well.  It’s important to us to be able to provide this service to our customers and their families.  The second characteristic of the team at ESP is our ability to work through any problem.  That’s what we do best.  While anyone can bolt on parts out of a box, we have the ability to handle tough diagnostics and complications that can arise with modifying vehicles.  Problem-solving, getting creative, and working through tough situations is what we do every day.  It’s what we do better than anyone else.

Doing what we love- better than anyone else and on every car in your driveway.  That’s what we’re all about.

We encourage you to experience the difference Enhanced Street Performance has to offer.


David Brady,