• Import 4

    MK7 GTI with United Motorsports Tuning

  • Import 1

    Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 over 550 AWHP with built engine, big turbos, tuning

  • Import 2

    2013 STI over 400 AWHP wiht built engine, lots of upgrades, tuning

  • Import 3

    Nissan 370z with twin-turbo kit installed by ESP


Enhanced Street Performance is one of the few veteran speed shops from the age of the Japanese power cars including the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4, Toyota Supra, Nissan 300zx, and more.  We were born in a time when a shop was more than just a "tuning shop."  We learned to design, fabricate and, most of all, we learned to think. While tuning is part of what we do, it is only one piece of the performance puzzle. We continue to focus on both the cars of our roots and the imports of today. We excel in Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Audi and more. Our workmanship and higher standards set us apart from our competition.



  • Enhanced Street Performance, Inc. offers general repair and maintenance including brakes, shocks/springs, engine tune-ups, and more. ESP specializes in full factory maintenance including timing belt replacements, filter replacements, and fluid changes. ESP offers full diagnostic services for all drivability issues.
  • Dyno tuning. ESP has the state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to extract the full horsepower potential out of your vehicle. Please see our dyno tuning section for more information.
  • Aftermarket electronic installations including piggy-back fuel computers, stand-alone engine management systems, electronic boost controllers, Methanol injection systems, electronic instrumentation and gauges, and more.
  • ESP offers full installation services for all of bolt-on performance upgrades including intakes, blow-off valves, manual boost controllers, adjustable cam gears, fuel system upgrades (pumps, injectors, regulators), upgraded turbochargers, pulleys, lowering springs/coilovers and more.
  • Full tire balancing and alignment services
  • Engine building services, from street to race prep engines.
  • Differential and drive train services lightweight aluminum flywheels, High performance clutches, and Limited Slip differential upgrades., and clutch installs.
  • Manual transmission repair (Subaru, Getrag, Mazda, etc.)
  • Engine transplants and upgrades, including JDM engine changeovers, turbo conversions, and more.
  • Custom exhaust work including mandrel bent piping and stainless steel.
  • Power Adders are our specialty! Supercharger/Turbocharger installs from companies such as Borg Warner, Turbonetics, Garret, and Procharger. ESP offers installation of forced induction accessories including intercoolers, intercooler sprayers, methanol injection, and more. Nitrous Oxide and all related accessories installed and tuned.



  • Did someone say forced induction? One of the most common power adders out there on the market today is a turbo charger/supercharger. These options can add quite a bit more power (50% to 150% and more) with minimal effects in overall vehicle drivability. Don't forget to add all the options like an intercooler, fuel/timing controllers, and gauges.
  • Already have a turbocharged engine? How about some upgrades? Larger turbos, electronic boost controllers, upgraded blow-off valves, up-pipes/downpipes, and upgraded intercoolers will open the door to power that is just waiting to be had. And supporting modifications such as upgraded fuel systems, methanol injection, and an upgraded engine management system will allow the increased power to be made in a safe and efficient manner..
  • When dealing with fuel injected engines, proper tuning is extremely critical to ensure engine longevity and in obtaining maximum power. Add forced induction or Nitrous Oxide to the mix and the likelihood of engine damage that could result due to faulty tuning multiplies exponentially. ESP's wide range of tuning experience and general performance expertise aids in providing customers with increased power, while maintaining a safe and efficient vehicle. Please visit our AWD dyno page for more information.