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ESP offers a wide variety of services for your muscle car, classic, or hot rod.  We perform services from basic maintenance and bolt-on upgrades, to all out Modern engine swaps and after-market fuel injection installs and tuning.  We offer extremely competitive pricing on the brands you have grown to trust over the years.  If it appears in a mail order catalog, we can get it and fast! Please contact our sales department for pricing and availability. We do our best to price match and, if you are looking to have your items installed, it is backed by our professional workmanship guarantee.



  • General vehicle repair and maintenance including brakes, shocks/springs, engine tune-ups, and more. ESP offers full diagnostic services for all driveability issues.
  • Carburetor and ignition curve DYNO TUNING. ESP has the state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to extract the full horsepower potential out of your vehicle. Please see our dyno tuning section for more information.
  • Bolt-on performance upgrades including cam swaps, aftermarket cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and carburetors.
  • Engine building services, from street to race prep engines.
  • Differential and drive train services include gear swaps, Limited Slip (POSI) upgrades, and clutch installs.
  • Manual transmission repair (Muncie, Borg Warner, Saginaw, etc.) and upgrades
  • Aftermarket transmission installs including T-5/T-56 5 and 6 speed conversions.
  • Engine transplants and upgrades, including late model LS, Hemi and Coyote engine swaps
  • Custom exhausts, headers, and the like. ESP offers full custom exhaust building services featuring Magnaflow high-flow catalytic converters and mufflers.
  • Supercharger/Turbocharger kit installs as well as custom designed systems.


  • Enhanced Street Performance, Inc. specializes in combining the utter power and unmatched styling of yesterday's automobiles with the hottest technology available today. This enables our customers to make the most of their Hot Rods and Classic/Muscle Cars. By utilizing the technology listed below, many customers are truly amazed by the gains in horsepower, fuel economy and overall driveability. This makes for an all-around more enjoyable vehicle to drive and a real head turner at cruising events and car shows.
  • For those looking for an engine replacement, refitting older vehicles with a late-model, fuel-injected engine and supporting equipment will offer the performance and unsurpassed reliability of today's sports cars. Consider an LS1 swap into your early GM vehicle or a late model Hemi V8 for your Chrysler. ESP offers the full services needed to complete the project including sourcing the parts, factory-like installations, and custom dyno tuning for your vehicle!
  • Already have a nicely built engine? How about fuel injection? A properly tuned, aftermarket fuel injection system can provide optimum horsepower without sacrificing low-end torque and daily driveability. These systems often incorporate great features such as full timing control, closed loop operation, and even outputs for fuel pump and electric fan control. Many systems are laptop programmable and will allow the user to monitor and even data log information related to vehicle performance. No more faulty carburetor chokes, poor fuel economy, or tuning-related power loss.
  • Aftermarket and late-model transmission swaps allow drivers utilize a high gear ratio for ¼ mile performance, while offering 1 to 2 overdrive gears for cruising highway speeds. Lower highway RPM's mean better fuel economy, lower temperatures, and increased engine longevity. These transmissions often offer shorter shifter travel, resulting quick/firm shifts between gears and better track times.
  • Consider a full 5 or 6 speed conversion kit for your classic car. These kits are 100% complete from clutch to driveshaft and the shifter is designed to enter the vehicle in the factory location.
  • One of the most common power adders out there on the market today is the supercharger. Superchargers can add quite a bit more power (50% to 150% and more) with minimal effects in overall vehicle driveability. Many systems are available for both carbureted and fuel injected applications and usually fit very nicely under the hood. ATI Procharger offers supercharger kits for many vehicles with various engines, compression ratios, etc. If you are looking for a night and day performance modification, you will not be disappointed!
  • If you are thinking about the forced induction route, a power-packed turbo kit may be the right option for you. While these kits are slightly more tricky to install and tune, the overall power gains are substantial and will pin you to the back of your seat.