Dyno & Tuning Pricing

DYNO RATES (No ESP tuning services provided)

--DYNO ONLY-- Horsepower Pulls Self Tune Before/After Pulls**
2 Wheel Drive $150/ 3 pulls $150/ Hour  $450/ Half day $650/ Full day $199
All-Wheel Drive $150/ 3 pulls Same Same

  • *Includes (3) consecutive dyno pulls and computer print-out showing horsepower and torque vs. engine RPM. Also includes boost and air-fuel ratio printouts.
  • **Special Pricing when modifications are installed by ESP

Shop rates and special and club rates are available. Ask about renting the dyno for 1/2 day or a full day of self-tuning.  Are you a tuner? If so, contact us for special rates and incentives.


--VEHICLE-- Hardware/Software Tuner Tuning Cost
Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep Diablosport Johan/ESP $650 n/a bolt on car + Diablo programmer*
Ford Tuning n/a Lund Racing n/a
GM Tuning LS, LT1, TPI, TBI HP Tuners Pat Guerra $800, additional cost for FI, NOS, swaps*
Subaru Tuning OpenECU/Cobb Accesport TuningAlliance $575/$575 + Accessport
Mitsubishi Tuning OpenECU/Cobb Accessport TuningAlliance $575/$575 + Accessport
VW/Audi Tuning United Motorsports United Motorsports See UM pricelist for tune

  • *Superchargers, camshafts, larger injectors, etc will all add tuning time and cost.  Typically add $100 to $200 total to base tuning cost.

Stand Alone ECU Tuning SET-UP FROM SCRATCH Tuning (basemap installed)
Full setup of system, including dyno tuning, street tuning, startup maps, etc. $800 to $1200 (typical cost) $600 to $1000 (typical cost)


Carburetor Tuning Street Tuning Street Tuning w/ Dyno Pulls
Set timing curve, adjust idle circuit, jetting, pump shot, etc. $650 to $750 (typical cost) $750 to $850 (typical cost)


Dyno Day benefits include:

  • Exclusive use of our dyno for your group all day!
  • A BBQ or Pizza lunch for you and those signed up for the day.
  • A discounted rate for you and your guests
  • A printout showing HP, torque, and air-fuel ratio.
  • 1/4 Mile run and bracket racing shoot-outs available.***

Dyno Day Information

If you are interested in setting up a dyno, here are the basics.

  • Dyno Day rates are $75 per 2WD/AWD vehicle. This includes up to 3 horsepower pulls or 2 HP pulls and a 1/4 mile run (2WD vehicles only).
  • Dyno Days require a minimum of 10 cars and typically a maximum of 20 cars. If more than 20 vehicles are signed up for the event, we recommend keeping a stand-by list.
  • Organizing any event takes a large amount of time and effort. Therefore, if 15 or more cars dyno for the event, the organizer of the event dynos for free! The organizer of the event is responsible for putting together the schedule and working with ESP throughout the event. We will guide you through the process.

Please contact us for available Dyno Day dates.
***Consider adding some octane to your event...Offer a 1/4 mile shoot-out for prizes. Consider planning an event with another club.